Ericka Sanchez

Ericka Sanchez

Ericka Sanchez is the creator and recipe developer for the bilingual blog Nibbles and Feasts. Born in Torreon Coahuila, Mexico, Ericka’s blog revolves around her life as a bicultural Latina living in Los Angeles with her husband and son and connecting with her Mexican roots through food and traditional family recipes. Ericka’s love of cooking began as a child at her grandmother’s convenience store and food stand in Mexico where she spent most of her summers assisting in making salsas, stews and aguas frescas. Nibbles and Feasts began as a way to catalog recipes and cherished memories in the kitchen with her grandmother and mother throughout the years. Now, her writing has led her to reconnect with her Mexican roots by developing her own twist on traditional recipes for busy moms.

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