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Kristan Roland is a mom, housewife and cookbook queen, living and baking in small-town Arkansas.  She shares fun and frivolous desserts and anecdotes on her blog, Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, where she uses herself as a prime example that even the most imperfect people are capable of producing FABULOUS things in the kitchen!!

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  • Snickerdoodle Twinkies on a Stick

    Snickerdoodle Twinkies on a Stick

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    he school year is ending, which means lots of fun parties and portable treats! I saw Snickerdoodle Twinkies in a sweet shop and knew they'd be so simple to recreate at home. It's as simple as dunking Twinkies in candy coating and sprinkling with cinnamon sugar. They're great for birthdays, dessert bars, bake sales, or even teacher gifts.


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  • Get Your Grill On: 15 Grilltastic Recipes

    Get Your Grill On: 15 Grilltastic Recipes

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    Summer is right around the corner and it's the perfect weather for eating outside! My kiddos love sitting around the pool and eating together -- and I love the easy clean up and having my husband grill. It certainly lightens my load. Here are 15 recipes you're sure to enjoy.


  • Pack a Picnic:  15 Recipes Perfect for Outdoor Eating

    It's the perfect time of year for picnics! The weather is warm, but not too warm, and the kiddos are dying to go OUTSIDE!! Pack a picnic with these 15 fun recipes.


  • Cherry Pie Pancake Muffins

    Cherry Pie Pancake Muffins

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    Need a quick, hot, and delicious breakfast the kiddos will love? These Cherry Pie Pancake Muffins are absolutely perfect. They're easier than pancakes, taste BETTER than pancakes, and are perfectly portable!


  • Chill Out ~ 15 Perfectly Cool Ice Cream Recipes

    Chill Out ~ 15 Perfectly Cool Ice Cream Recipes

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    The weather is warming up, Memorial Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with ice cream! We have so much fun making our own during the warm months -- my son picks his favorites candies and flavors and we add them to make our very own flavors. Here are 15 recipes that i think you need to try!


  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

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    It's not even summer yet, but it's already too hot to use the oven. Thankfully, these marshmallowey treats are no bake! The gooey, crunchy, chocolate peanut butter flavor is child AND grown up-approved, making them perfect for cookouts, birthday parties, or even teacher-appreciation treats.


  • 10 Muffin Recipes

    My favorite part about Mother's Day? Breakfast in bed. My boys aren't the best at cooking, but even they can manage muffins. Preparing the night before makes for a leisurely and relaxing morning.


  • Wedding Cake Truffles

    Wedding Cake Truffles

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    I love the flavor of wedding cake, but don't get invited to nearly enough weddings!! I think I might make my husband nervous if I started making whole wedding cakes to eat at home, so these truffles are perfect. They're simple, delicious, and perfect for Spring brunches, Wedding showers, or even Mother's Day! Almond flavored buttercream gives them the perfect wedding cake flavor.


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  • Taco Recipes

    Taco night is a big hit at our house, but we get tired of the same thing every week, so I decided to spice things up with these 15 different takes on the classic taco. Check them out!


  • Margarita Pound Cake

    Margarita Bundt Cake

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    My favorite thing about margaritas is the tart, tangy lime flavor. Forget all the special fruity flavored ones -- the original is where it's at. Celebrate Cinco De Mayo family style with this (alcohol free) Margarita Bundt Cake. It's moist, tart, and has the perfect dense texture.


  • Coconut Cupcakes

    Coconut Cupcakes

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    Does it get much better than simple coconut cupcakes? Something about the tropical flavor and fluffy white texture just screams, "Spring!" Coconut cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser at birthday parties, barbeques and pot lucks. These cupcakes are extra moist with the addition of coconut pudding, and the coconut cream cheese frosting is the perfect finish.


  • Coconut Recipes

    Shredded ~ 20 Coconut Recipes

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    Coconut makes everything sweeter. Check out these 20 fabulous coconut recipes!


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