36 Back-to-School Fashions & Accessories


Not sure what to wear back to school this year? Make a statement with these fun and funky homemade fashion and accessory craft ideas. With unique fashions like these, you'll turn heads all year long.

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  • Mickey Tote Bag

    Mickey Tote Bag

    Average rating of 3.5/5. (10 Ratings)

    Using colorful printed fabrics, kids can cover a plain canvas tote bag with a striking Mickey Mouse mosaic.


  • Cheering Squad Backpack

    Cheering Squad Backpack

    Average rating of 0/5. (0 Ratings)

    1-2-3-4. Here’s a backpack you’ll adore. 5-6-7-8. It’s so easy to create. Show your pride with this spirited backpack adorned with stripes and a varsity letter in your school colors. It really is something to cheer about.


  • Sports MVP Backpack

    Sports MVP Backpack

    Average rating of 4/5. (1 Rating)

    You already show your winning moves on the field. Now you can show off your A-game style in the classroom with this sports-themed backpack. It’s even got a miniature football field so you can plan your plays.


  • “Work of Art” Backpack

    “Work of Art” Backpack

    Average rating of 5/5. (1 Rating)

    To all you budding Picassos out there, your backpack is the perfect canvas to show off your creative genius, or at least your mad finger painting skills. This backpack also does double-duty as a picture frame for one of your masterpieces.


  • Scientific-Terrific Backpack

    Scientific-Terrific Backpack

    Average rating of 0/5. (0 Ratings)

    Who says you can’t have both brains and looks? This backpack not only looks awesome, it’s like a walking laboratory.


  • Drama Queen (or King) Backpack

    Drama Queen (or King) Backpack

    Average rating of 0/5. (0 Ratings)

    Lights! Camera! Crafting! Let the world know you’re a superstar with this backpack that’s sure to get standing ovations. With its Hollywood lights, applause sign and glittery photo frame, you’ll be famous – at least for your creativity.


  • Mr. Preppy Backpack

    Mr. Preppy Backpack

    Average rating of 0/5. (0 Ratings)

    For the well dressed prepster, this backpack goes to the head of the class. And it’s so easy to create this stylish look that when you’re finished, you won’t just be glad, you’ll be plaid.


  • Rock ‘N Roller Backpack

    Rock ‘N Roller Backpack

    Average rating of 4/5. (1 Rating)

    If you want to rock and roll with creativity, join the fan club for this sweet backpack project. There’s an opening act of studded denim, and two encores that are some hip zipper pulls. So it’s time to rebel – against boring backpacks.


  • Band-Tastic Backpack

    Band-tastic Backpack

    Average rating of 0/5. (0 Ratings)

    Is that music we hear in the hallways? No, it’s just this entertainingly decorated backpack that’s sure to make all you band or glee club members tap your toes. From the movable music to the attached microphone, this backpack hits all the right notes.


  • Eco-Fabulous Backpack

    Eco-Fabulous Backpack

    Average rating of 0/5. (0 Ratings)

    Make every day Earth Day with this backpack that shows your appreciation for the environment. There’s even a mobile garden, so you can bring a little nature into the classroom.


  • DIY Washi Tape Barrettes

    DIY Washi Tape Barrettes

    Average rating of 5/5. (2 Ratings)

    Make beautiful barrettes with different shapes and washi tape combinations - the perfect back-to-school fashion accessory.


  • No-Sew Ankle Tutus

    Average rating of 4/5. (2 Ratings)

    Make a fun and funky back-to-school fashion statement with these ankle tutus.


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