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I remember making Shrinky Dinks® as a kid, I loved to watch my creations curl up and shrink like magic and once they were done have a pocket sized treasure I created.  When I found out they still made Shrinky Dink® paper, I was so excited to share the magic with my own kids!  For our first creations, we decided to make something special for Father's Day.  My kids had a blast making these, I think everyone's favorite was my daughters hand, we traced her life size hand and the end result was a tiny handprint the size of a doll.  My kids got a kick out of it!  They are so excited to give their dad a gift they created all by themselves for Father's Day!

Shrinky Dink Key Chains for Dad
Posted by Stephanie Dulgarian

I think snickerdoodles are the ultimate comfort food cookie!  The way the smell permeates your house as the cook is heavenly and they are so sweet and satisfying.  Something about the cinnamon reminds me of being cozy inside on a cold day.  They are one of my all time favorite cookies and this recipe is definitely the best one I have tried!  

Soft Snickerdoodles
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Posted by Marigold Haske

Make a tropical sundae with cold ice cream and fresh fruit over warm, fried plantains. 

Tropical Sundae
Posted by Marigold Haske

Try this refreshing twist in the classic float with fresh strawberries and tart lemonade over sweet, creamy vanilla ice cream.

Lemonade Float
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