19 Christmas Cakes


Forget the fruitcake. This holiday season serve up a cake that people will actually want to eat. From seasonal flavors like eggnog and pumpkin spice to whimsical holiday decorating ideas, we have the perfect cake (or cake pop) idea to make your Christmas gathering all the sweeter, and the step-by-step instructions to make it as easy as pie.

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  • Coconut Blizzard

    Coconut Blizzard

    Average rating of 5/5. (1 Rating)

    This dessert sandwiches layers of yellow cake with sweet jam, fluffy white icing and a blizzard of coconut shreds.


  • Two-in-One Cake

    Two-in-One Cake

    Average rating of 3.5/5. (4 Ratings)

    A few easy cuts let you turn a simple cake into a symbol of the season: a tree for Christmas or a dreidel for Hanukkah.


  • Gingerbread Cake

    Gingerbread Cake

    Average rating of 4/5. (9 Ratings)

    In one shape or another, sweet, spicy gingerbread has been popular for centuries. During the 1600s, in fact, gingerbread making was such serious business that only certain bakers had rights to make it.


  • Jammin' Good Jelly Roll

    Jammin' Good Jelly Roll

    Average rating of 0/5. (0 Ratings)

    You can use any seedless jam or preserves to fill this jelly roll, although a red raspberry or strawberry looks especially festive.


  • Gift Cake Recipe

    Gift Cake

    Average rating of 4/5. (3 Ratings)

    Flavorful fruit-cancy ribbons are wrapped all over this delicious gift cake that's perfect for birthdays or to serve during the holidays.


  • Chocolate Mousse Torte

    Chocolate Mousse Torte

    Average rating of 4/5. (14 Ratings)

    Deep, fudgy flavor is king in this nearly flourless cake. Simple to make, it'll look and taste fresh off the bakery shelf. But you can have this elegant treat ready to serve in just one hour.


  • Plum Cake

    Plum Cake

    Average rating of 4/5. (2 Ratings)

    This is a dense, buttery cake dotted with sweet-tart plums that have gone silky in the oven. It takes just a few minutes to get it into the oven, and comfortably knife-wielding kids might like to help by halving the plums and tugging out their pits.


  • Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes

    Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes

    Average rating of 4.5/5. (2 Ratings)

    These taste just like chocolate cupcakes! Like good chocolate cupcakes! They're super-chocolatey and almost obscenely moist--like the cake mix with the pudding in it, in a good way. Plus, it's a great way to use up a glut of squash!


  • Raspberry Tiramisu

    Raspberry Tiramisu

    Average rating of 5/5. (1 Rating)

    Adding raspberry puree to the mascarpone layers makes for a scrumptious twist on an old favorite.


  • Wreath Christmas Cake

    Wreath Christmas Cake

    Average rating of 4.5/5. (3 Ratings)

    This is an easy and elegant cake that's sure to become a classic at your annual Christmas party or dinner.


  • Pumpkin Spiral Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

    For a 'twist' on traditional pumpkin pie, try this delicious spiral cake. Though it looks impressive, it's actually super simple to make. Bring it with you to a harvest party or holiday gathering and let the good times roll!


  • Classic Gingerbread Cake

    Classic Gingerbread Cake

    Average rating of 4.5/5. (2 Ratings)

    This gingerbread, a classic holiday dessert, has a lighter texture than most due to a touch of sour cream in the batter.


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