Big Bad Wolf

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Big Bad Wolf
Total Time afternoon or evening Ages all-ages

This furry critter, perfect for a parent accompanying his little piglets while trick-or-treating, is a fairy tale favorite. 

What you'll need

  • Fake fur, 4 by 5 feet
  • Scissors
  • 4 pipe cleaners
  • Double-sided tape
  • Cloth tape
  • Knit cap
  • Adhesive-backed Velcro
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Permanent marker
  • Jeans, dark socks, and lace-up shoes
  • Dark cotton work gloves
  • Necktie
  • Rubber wolf or dog nose (sold at many party stores)

How to make it

  1. First, make the wolf's hood. Fold a 15- by 40-inch piece of fake fur in half and cut out a rounded section for the face. Make fur ears by cutting out the shape, and then cutting a 1-inch slit centered at the bottom of each ear. Cover one inner half of each shape with double-sided tape, avoiding the 1-inch tabs. Press pipe cleaners on top of the taped section. Fold the shape closed. and attach them to the hood: snip 2 holes for each one, 3 inches apart and 3 inches from the front edge of the hood

  2. Next, apply two long strips of double-sided tape to a knit hat as shown and attach the fur hood to the hat, centering the widow's peak just below the hat brim. Tape the back of the hood closed. Stick Velcro tabs to the inside bottom corners just below the wolf's chin so you can close the front. Then tuck the bottom of the hood into the wolf's shirt.

  3. For wolf feet, use a marker to trace the costume wearer's shoes onto the underside of a piece of fake fur, leaving a 1-inch margin all around. Draw three pointy toes at the front of each outline, then cut out the shapes. Cut an X in the center of each heel and snip two shoelace holes, as shown. When it's time to wear them, have the wolf roll up his pant legs, slide each stockinged foot through the X from the fur side, and then put on his shoes. Thread the shoelaces up through the holes and tie them to hold the fur.

  4. For paws, trace the work gloves onto fake fur, again leaving a 1-inch margin. Attach the cutouts to the backs of the gloves with double-sided tape. Then make a tail to attach to the wolf's jeans, and have him put on his tie and rubber nose.

  5. Cut out the tail from the remaining fabric. Cut a 1-inch slit centered at the bottom of the tail. Cover one inner half of the shape with double-sided tape, avoiding the 1-inch tabs. Press pipe cleaners on top of the taped section. Fold the shape closed.

  6. To attach the wolf tail, spread the tabs and stick them onto the wolf's pants with more double-sided tape.

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