Classic Vampire Face Painting

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Classic Vampire Face Painting

Count Dracula's liquid diMakeup spongeet apparently makes for a sallow complexion. "The goal," our makeup artist Elizabeth says, "is to make him look unhealthy. Give him dark circles under his eyes, but not as dark as our ghoul."

What you'll need

  • Makeup sponge
  • Small paintbrush
  • White makeup
  • Blue or purple makeup
  • Black makeup
  • Red makeup

How to make it

  1. Dracula Face Painting Step 1

    Dampen the tip of a makeup sponge in water, then use the white makeup to coat the whole face, including the lips.

    Trick: Barely wet the tip of the sponge before dipping it into the makeup. Re-wet as needed, but keep it moist, not dripping. The extra moisture makes the makeup application smoother.

  2. Dracula Face Painting Step 2

    To contour, use the purple or blue makeup, to darken (not blacken) the hollows of the face. Key spots to highlight are the temples, around the eyes (the whole socket), under the cheekbones, below the jawline, down the contours of the nose. This creates a gaunt and unhealthy look.

    Trick: Start with a light contouring of the face, then come back and darken it up a bit.

  3. Dracula Face Painting Step 3

    If you overdo the dark makeup, just apply a little more white over it with the makeup sponge. This particular character lends itself to uneven skintones, so don't worry too much about grey areas.

  4. Dracula Face Painting Step 4

    Using black makeup and a small paintbrush, create a widow's peak. The peak looks best if it goes up far enough on the forehead to hide the hairline. Next, draw on bushy eyebrows, as shown. Give the eyebrows a disheveled look with quick, short strokes.

  5. Dracula Face Painting Step 5

    With the small paintbrush and red makeup, draw on the vampire's lips. Follow the outline of the lower lip when painting. On the upper lip, however, make two defined peaks, as shown. These peaks make the look more stylized, and less like the child is just wearing lipstick.

    For the fangs, the makeup artist says to think of drawing two commas, or quote marks, that meet a bit below the lip. Make sure to start the "comma" directly on the lip, not below it – this gives it a three-dimensional look. The first comma line should start in the corner of the lip. The second comma that will meet it should be at a slight angle so that the points will touch.

    Trick: Practice making the shape with a paper and pencil before painting it on the vampire's face.

  6. Dracula Face Painting Step 6

    To complete the vampire outfit, dress your vampire in a white, collared shirt, black dress pants, and a dark vest. You may be able to find all these items at a thrift store. A wide, red blanket ribbon can serve as both a cummerbund and medallion string. Vampire capes, with and without the red lining, can be found in Halloween stores.

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