Eyeball Costume

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Eyeball Costume
Ages school-age

Cause a scene and make people's eyes pop this Halloween with this fun eyeball costume. Kids love to make and wear this craft and you can easily keep an eye on them while they're doing it!

What you'll need

  • White fabric (1 yd x 54"w remnant)
  • 2 heavy-duty paper plates
  • Black sticky-back glitter foam
  • Red puffy fabric marker
  • 4-6 plastic grocery bags
  • Re-sealable plastic storage baggies & a straw or other light-weight filler
  • Needle & thread
  • 1 yard yarn, ribbon, or other cord
  • Markers
  • Hot glue gun

How to make it

  1. Cut a hole in the first paper plate large enough for your child's head to fit through. Test to be sure it fits before continuing. (See photo.)  

  2. Use the straw to inflate the re-sealable baggies. Fill the plastic bags up with the baggies. (See photo.)  

  3. Measure the distance from your child's shoulder to their crotch. Holding the paper plate upside down, hot glue the handles of the grocery bags around the perimeter so that they hang no lower than your measurement. Do this all the way around the paper plate. (See photos.)  

  4. Create 5-inch long darts along the long edge of your white fabric by folding over the fabric and hot gluing them in place. Keep doing this until you have gathered the fabric enough to circle the head hole in the paper plate. (See photo.) NOTE: You may want to pin and iron the pleats before gluing them down so they are nice and sharp.  

  5. Hot glue the gathered fabric onto the plate; leave a little extra to wrap down through the hole and glue to the other side of the plate so cut edge won't scratch your child's neck. (See photo.)  

  6. Hot glue the selvages together to form the seam down the costume back.  (See photo.)  

  7. Have your child try on the costume so you can mark where the arm holes should be.  Cut the arm holes and hot glue the fabric to the inside of the costume to keep the opening neat.    

  8. At the bottom of the costume, fold the fabric under and stitch in place a 1" hem, leaving a gap at the beginning and end of your stitch line to thread a cord through.  No-sew option: Instead of stitching a hem, hot glue the hem in place. (See photo.)  

  9. Guide cord, ribbon or yarn through the pocket of the hem.  Once the costume is on your child, pull both ends of the cord to gather the fabric and tie it in a double bow knot.  Excess cord can be tucked up into the inside of the gathered edge. (See photo.)  

  10. On the back of the second paper plate, use several shades of marker to create the iris of the eye. Start with the lightest color toward the pupil and work outward to the darkest tones around the outside rim. (See photo.)  

  11. When the iris is complete, trim off about ½" of the plate and use the darkest marker to color in cut edge.  (See photo.)  

  12. Cut a 4" circle of black glitter foam for the pupil and glue it in the center of the iris. (See photo.)  

  13. Find the center of the costume and glue the paper plate iris to the front.  (See photo.)  

  14. Use the red puffy paint to draw squiggly "veins" around the iris.  Allow plenty of time for the paint to dry before wearing the costume (See photo.)

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