Frog Costume

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Frog Costume
Ages preschooler

This costume makes it easy to be green! Your little tadpole will look smashing in this ballerina-inspired frog costume with an adorable tutu. Follow all the steps and you'll end up with an expert-looking amphibian costume like no other!

Download Frog Costume Template

What you'll need

  • Large piece of cardboard at least 2 feet by 3 feet
  • Large piece of green poster board
  • 2- to 3-inch yellow satin ribbon
  • 3 yards of green netting (the stiff kind with bigger holes)
  • 3 pieces 11 x 17" green craft foam
  • 8 1/2" x 11" yellow and black craft foam
  • Yellow water-based paint
  • 1 piece of 8 1/2" x 11" yellow paper
  • 1 foam ball, cut in half
  • Red 1" ribbon
  • Wire (red, preferably)
  • 1/4 yard green organza
  • ½-inch wide piece of elastic
  • Green tank top
  • Fun tights & boots
  • Yellow or green long sleeved shirt
  • Instant bonding glue (recommended: Krazy Glue)
  • White glue & Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, Ruler, Stapler, Needle & thread
  • Patterns for frog legs and frog visor
Helpful Tip:

Gel instant grab glue (like Krazy Glue) is much easier to work with for this project than liquid.

How to make it

  1. To make the lily pad: Draw a large oval on the piece of cardboard, making sure it is at least 2 feet wide and a little over 2 feet long. Measure your child's waist. Add two inches to that number and use that measurement to make a circle in the center of the oval. Starting one inch apart, draw two straight lines to the edge of the oval that end up being around 6 ½ inches apart.

  2. Cut the oval out and then cut out the triangular area and the middle circle.

  3. Using the piece of cardboard as a stencil, trace the shape of the lily pad onto the green poster board and cut it out.

  4. Have your child try on the tank top and mark the location of their waist on the shirt. Insert the shirt through the center hole of the lily pad, facing the back of the shirt with the "v" in the lily pad. Draw the shirt through so that the lily pad will sit at the waist line. Staple the excess bottom fabric of the tank top to the underside of the cardboard.

  5. Lay the cut green poster board over the top of the cardboard and glue in place with white glue.

  6. To make the tutu: Layer three 1-yard pieces of netting and sew them together with a basting stitch at the top. Gather the netting so that it is a length somewhat less than your child's waist measurement.

  7. Cut a length of yellow satin ribbon equal to three times your child's waist measurement. Pin the gathered netting so it covers only half of the ribbon width.

  8. Fold the ribbon over so it sandwiches the netting and hand or machine stitch the netting in place.

  9. Tie the tutu around your child's waist after she puts on the lily pad tank top.

  10. To make frog legs and hands: Trace the leg, thigh, and foot pattern pieces onto green foam. The thigh and foot patterns are drawn to make the right side of the frog. To make the left-sided pieces, simply flip the patterns over to the "wrong" side and trace.

  11. You should now have two frog thighs, one right and one left thigh, and one right and left foot. Cut out the pieces along the lines indicated. The pattern pieces are labeled and coded to show you which edges and sections to glue together.

  12. To form the thigh, glue the matching edges together.

  13. To form the leg, glue the matching edges together. Where letters are circled, glue pieces so they overlap.

  14. For the foot, place "wrong" side up, and apply fabric or white glue to the surface. Lay a piece of green organza over the foot, on the bias (foot should be at a 45 degree angle to the grain of the fabric).

  15. Once the glue has dried completely, cut the organza freehand around the frog fingers to make the foot webbing between toes.

  16. Repeat steps 14 & 15 for the frog hands.

  17. To make the full frog leg, insert the tab end of the thigh into the opening of the leg near the joint and glue in place. Take the feet and tent up the palm so it's three dimensional and glue into the ankle socket of the leg.

  18. Have your child try on the lily pad with tank top so you can position the legs in relation to your child's body.

  19. For the hands, use safety pins to attach the frog "hands" onto the long-sleeved shirt over your child's hands.

  20. To make the frog visor: Use the frog mouth, eyes, and crown patterns provided to trace pieces onto the green, yellow, and black craft foam.

  21. Lay the yellow and green mouth pieces on top of one another so the tabs and lips are aligned.

  22. Glue the "lip" edges together with instant bonding glue. If you will be adding a tongue, be sure to leave a gap in the glue line for that step.

  23. Put some glue on the tabs of the craft foam and glue the ends of the elastic to the foam.

  24. Fold over the tabs of the yellow bottom mouth piece and glue shut.

  25. Stuff some tissues or paper towels in between the yellow and green layers to give the mouth dimension.

  26. Insert tab on the "back of eye" pattern piece into the slot on the top of the mouth and glue into place.

  27. Where there are slits in the back of the eye pattern, create a dart so the piece has dimension.

  28. To create the eyeballs, cut the foam ball in half and paint both rounded sides of the ball yellow.

  29. Cut two eye pupils from the black glitter foam. Glue a pupil to each eyeball.

  30. Take eyelid pieces with the cut out center and glue them in place them over your finished eyeball.

  31. Glue the eyes to the back of the eye piece of the visor.

  32. Cut out the crown pattern from the yellow construction paper. Glue the ends of the crown together so the tab is hidden on the inside of the crown . Glue the crown behind the "back of the eye" piece.

  33. To add a tongue (optional): Weave a piece of wire up through the organza ribbon.

  34. Using pliers, bend the end of the wire over to keep the ribbon from sliding off.

  35. Insert the other end of the wire through the gap in the frog lips. Put a couple of bends in the wire, and glue the wire and the ribbon to the inside of the frog mouth.

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