592 Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids


When kids say they're bored, break out a pile of paper and have a reams of fun with these creative paper craft ideas. From paper flowers to party decorations, origami to printable 3D pals, you'll be amazed at all the things you can do with paper.

Editors' Picks:
  • Mickey Mouse Cutie

    16 Disney Cutie Paper Crafts

    Average rating of 4/5. (25 Ratings)

    Prepare yourself for print-ADOR-able fun featuring Mickey, Minnie and other favorite Disney characters.

  • Foldout Booklet - Image Collection

    Paper Crafts Gallery

    Average rating of 3.5/5. (28 Ratings)

    Turn ordinary paper into creative wonders with these simple crafts made from scraps.

  • T-Rex

    Bring Home a Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Average rating of 4/5. (10 Ratings)

    Every kid wants a dinosaur for a pet. This let's them have some of the fun without any cleanup!

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