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Soft Sulley Felt Craft

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Soft Sulley Felt Craft
Ages school-age

While he tries his best to be scary, this cuddly and crafty version of Sulley is undeniable adorable.

Download Soft Sulley Felt Craft Template

What you'll need

  • Template
  • Hot melt glue (hot melt glue should be used by adults only)
  • Scissors
  • Ball point pen
  • Black felt pen
  • Needle and blue thread (optional)

How to make it

  1. Print and cut out the pieces of the Soft Sulley Felt Craft Template. (Note: If stuffing the body is too difficult, you can just glue the front and back pieces together.)

  2. Repeat step 3 with the head pieces.

  3. Glue the parts of Sulley’s face in place, including the eye whites, eye irises, eye brows, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, and horns.

  4. Glue a claw onto each of Sulley’s toes (3 claws on each foot).

  5. Glue spots all over Sulley’s body, 2 on each leg, 3 on the front body (avoiding the chest and belly), 2-1 on each arm, the rest can be spread out along his back, the back of his arms, and the back of his legs.

  6. Repeat step 3 with the tail pieces.

  7. Glue 5 tail spines on to the top of the tail. Glue spots to the tail, 2 on each side.

  8. Glue Sulley’s tail to the bottom of his back. Glue 3 back spines up his spine, starting at the top of the tail.

  9. Trace the pieces onto the appropriate color felt using the materials listed above as your guide.

  10. Start by stuffing the body. To do this, you will work from the top down, making pockets by gluing the body front and back pieces together in sections and filling with cotton as you go. Using a hot glue gun, run glue along the edge of one hand, stopping at the arm. Place the second body piece directly on top of the first and press so the glue sticks. Next, pull off a small piece of cotton ball and stuff it inside the hand. Now put glue along the edge of the arm, and then stuff with more cotton. Continue this pattern with the other arm, the chest, the torso, and the legs, stopping to stuff each piece with cotton before moving on to the next. To finish, seal the feet shut with glue. You also have the option to sew the two body pieces together as shown in the photo, instead of using glue.

  11. Glue the completed head onto the body.

  12. Glue spots all over Sulley’s body: 2 on each leg, 3 on the front body (avoiding the chest and belly), and 2 on each arm. The rest can be spread out along his back, the backs of his arms, and the backs of his legs.

  13. Use the black felt marker to draw a black pupil on each eye. Draw 2 nostrils on the bottom of the nose.

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