A Charming Wrap Around Friendship Bracelet

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Ages school-age

When I was a girl, I spent many hours making friendship bracelets and trading them with my besties. They are so fun to make, and I've always loved the idea of giving the special people in my life a small, wearable, handmade token of friendship. The version I'm sharing today is a longer, wrap around style with a metal charm in the center. Make one (or a few) for your friends!

What you'll need

  • Embroidery thread
  • Metal charm
  • Clipboard, tape or safety pin and pillow (to hold bracelet in place while you work)
  • Scissors

How to make it

  1. Cut three lengths of embroidery thread at least two arm's length each. You may need more or less, depending on the size of the wrists you are making this for. This fit my almost-7-year-old perfectly, but I would add extra length for an older child or adult.

    Line the threads up with each other and attach them to your charm in the center of the threads, folding in half so you have 6 threads to work with. For this project, the arrow charm had a hole on one side, and I had to get creative about attaching it to the other side. Before you start, make sure there is a secure place to attach your thread on each side of the charm. I found this charm on Etsy, but similar charms (and many other styles) can be found in most craft stores.

    There are small pictures next to each of the following steps, but if you need to see a detailed picture, click through the slideshow above.

  2. friendship bracelet tutorial

    To begin, lay out your threads in the color order you prefer. You will work from left to center, then from right to center. In this case, the pattern will be brown, yellow, blue.

  3. friendship bracelet tutorial

    Starting with the left-most thread #1, make a "4" shape over the thread #2. 

  4. friendship bracelet tutorial

    Loop thread #1 under and then over thread #2. Gently pull thread #1 up all the way to the top. Now, do it again. Loop thread #1 around thread #2, and pull up.

    Thread #1 and thread #2 have now switched places. Thread #2 is now the leftmost thread and thread #1 is between threads #2 and #3.

    Now, repeat what you just did, looping thread #1 over thread #3. Loop it again (two times, total). Now threads #1 and #3 have switched places and thread #1 is in the middle spot. The order of threads is now: #2, #3, #1, #4, #5, #6.

  5. friendship bracelet tutorial

    It's time to start on the other side. Take the right-most thread #6 and make a backward "4" over thread #5. Loop thread #6 under, through the "4" and over thread #5. Pull all the way up to the top. Then loop it one more time the same way.

    Thread #6 and #5 have now switched places. Continue to work with thread #6, this time looping it twice over Thread #4. The thread order is now: #2, #3, #1, #6, #4, #5.


  6. friendship bracelet tutorial

    When you get to the center, you need to connect the two middle threads (#1 and #6) to each other.

  7. friendship bracelet tutorial

    First, make a backward "4" by looping thread #6 over thread #1 and pulling up. Only do this one time.

  8. friendship bracelet tutorial

    Now, switch threads and make a forward "4" by looping thread #1 over thread #6 and pulling up. The left and right sides are now connected!

  9. friendship bracelet tutorial

    Continue knotting the bracelet, beginning with the outermost threads and bringing them to the center, then connecting the center threads. Check the size on your wrist, or the wrist of the friend you are making it for. When the charm is on top, one side should be long enough to wrap under the wrist, all the way over, and a little more than halfway under again (leaving extra length to tie it off).

    When the first side is long enough, secure another set of threads to the other side of the charm and repeat until the second side is the same length as the first. When you are sure the bracelet will fit well, tie of the ends with knots and trim off excess thread.

  10. friendship bracelet tutorial

    Wrap the bracelet around your friend's wrist and tie it off on the underside of the wrist.

    A little tip: Since this charm was quite long on a child's wrist, I used jewelry pliers and gently curved it so it wouldn't stick out and catch on things.


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