Blackjack Card Game

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What makes kids love this card game, with or without jelly beans, is the chance to yell "Hit me!" as loud as they can.

What you'll need

  • Deck of cards
  • "Currency" such as jelly beans, gum sticks, pennies or buttons
Helpful Tip:

The game can end two ways: as soon as someone runs out of jelly beans (the faster way), or when someone has won all the jelly beans.

How to play

  1. Each player is dealt one card facedown, then another card, faceup.
    The card values are as follows:
    Ace=1 or 11
    Face cards=10
    All others=face value
    Ace + jack beats any other combination

  2. Each player (including the dealer) peeks at his facedown card, silently adds up the value of both cards, then antes up jelly beans (you can set a limit if you like).

  3. The player to the left of the dealer starts, saying to the dealer either "Stick," meaning she wants no more cards, or "Hit me" meaning the dealer will give her another card, faceup. She then can say "Hit me" again, until she decides to "Stick." As soon as a score goes over twenty-one, however, the player is busted and must drop all cards faceup on the table, declaring "Bust."

  4. Play continues until everyone is busted or stuck. Whoever has the hand closest to twenty-one without going over wins all the jelly beans. An ace and one of the two black-colored jacks beats anything else. A tie splits the pot.

  5. The dealer then puts the used cards aside and deals again from the original deck. Each time the cards in the deck run out, change dealers and reshuffle.

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