Who Is Your Inner Disney Fairy?

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1. Your child has to create a project for the school science fair — on any subject. You suggest:

A. Solutions for traffic congestion
B. Building a robot with items in your home.
C. The health benefits of recess.
D. Ten tips to conserve water.
E. Do colors influence mood?

2. You've got a birthday coming up. What have you been hinting at?

A. Skydiving.
B. iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Kindle or Nook.
C. Wii Fit or Kinect.
D. Romantic dinner and a carriage ride.
E. Day at the Spa.

3. Your child wants to talk to you about an allowance increase. This conversation takes place:

A. In the car between school and scouts, you've got the time.
B. During math homework, so you can calculate the cost of living increase vs. what he is currently receiving.
C. While playing ball at the park, you like to keep things casual.
D. In the living room, you want to give your undivided attention.
E. During a trip to the mall, so you can get an idea of how he wants to spend the money.

4. Apparently, your first word was:

A. Now.
B. Bang.
C. Play.
D. Love.
E. Pretty.

5. If you had a superpower, it would be

A. Stopping time.
B. Moving things with your mind.
C. Understandang what your pet was saying.
D. Premonition.
E. Changing outfits with a zap of your finger.

6. Which kind of movies do you enjoy?

A. Action-Adventure.
B. Mysteries or Suspense.
C. Comedy.
D. Romance or Drama.
E. Classics.

7. You admire:

A. Amelia Earhart.
B. Mary Poppins.
C. Jane Goodall.
D. Oprah Winfrey.
E. Coco Chanel.

8. You've got a birthday coming up. What have you been hinting at?

A. Watch.
B. Swiss-Army Knife.
C. A Smile.
D. Cell Phone.
E. Diamond Earrings.
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