Should Your Family Live in Fantasyland?

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1. It's time to remodel the outside of the house, which do you choose?

A. Green and brown paint with a leopard print or camouflage on the door.
B. Solar panels — everywhere.
C. Add in shades of pink and gold with fiber optics for the evening.
D. Remodel? No way. It's all about keeping it authentic.

2. What's your dish of choice for potlucks?

A. Fruit salad from a local grower — it's great to live off the land..
B. A trendy dish from that new celebrity cookbook.
C. Cupcakes in a variety of flavors — because sweets make people happy.
D. Franks and beans — it's easy to make, and it fills your tummy.

3. The community is getting together to rename the local elementary school. Whom do you choose to name it after?

A. Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr.
B. Luke Skywalker
C. Wendy Darling.
D. Davy Crockett.

4. You are at the store buying a welcome mat for your front door. Which catches your eye?

A. "It's a Jungle in Here."
B. "Alien Lifeforms Welcome."
C. "Fanfare Broken, Announce Yourself."
D."Wipe Your Boots, Check Your Weapons."

5. You must make sure the garage has room for your:

A. 4x4 Jeep — needed to escape restless natives and vengeful gods.
B. Starspeeder 3000.
C. Motorcar, oversized teacup, and pirate ship.
D. Riverboats and rafts.

6. What is your ideal home alarm system?

A. Booby traps.
B. Storm Troopers.
C. Spells.
D. Rattlesnakes, vultures, and coyotes.

7. Your kids want a new pet. What does your family decide to bring home?

A. Chimpanzee.
B. Virtual dog.
C. Flying elephant.
D. Pony.

8. Your neighbors know you are the one to come to if they are in need of:

A. Lawnmower or compass.
B. A virtual game of tennis or iPhone help.
C. A happy ending or party shoes.
D. Sugar or tools.

9. When you look out your window in the morning you like to see the sun reflect off:

A. The treetops.
B. The skyline.
C. The mountaintops.
D. The river.

10. Your neighborhood opened a water park. What attraction would you hit first?

A. The wave pool.
B. The dark-tunnel waterslide.
C. The two-person lazy river.
D. The rope swing.

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