Funny Animal Riddles and Jokes

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Funny Animal Riddles and Jokes

What do you get if you cross a spider and a rat?
An aRATnid!

What kind of can never needs a can-opener?
A peliCAN!

Why do hummingbirds hum?
Because they don't know the words!

What animal never tells the truth?
a lion!

Why did the grizzly catch cold?
Because he went outside in bear feet!

Why are elephants poor?
Because they work for peanuts!

What do you call a crying camel?
a humpback wail!

What kind of key can't opena  door?
a MONkey!

What did the parrot say when it fell in love with a duck?
"Polly want a quacker!"

Where did the tiger go when he lost his tail?
To a re-tail store!

What holiday do wolves celecrate in the fall?

What did the pony say when he had a sora throat?
"Excuse me, I'm a little horse."

What's smarter than a hummingbird?
a spelling bee!

What do you call a pony with wings?
A horse fly!

Why did it take so long for the elephant to get on the plane?
He had to check his trunk!

What do you call a deer with no eyes?
I have no eye-deer!

What do you give a sick bird?

What do you get when you cross a skunk and a teddy bear?
Winnie the Pew!

What's the best animal to be on a cold day?
A little otter!

What did the frog order from the drive-thru?
Flies and a Croak!

What game do cows play at parties?
Moosical chairs!

How do fleas travel from place to place?
By itch hiking!

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