Movie Review: Tinker Bell

by Lisa Oppenheimer
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Rated: G for general audiences
Recommended for: ages 3 and up
Run Time: 78 minutes

Don't Wanna Grow Up? Tinker Bell Is Fine With That

There is nothing like the Peter Pan vista of London: those twinkling lights, the moonlit glow, the soft blush from the bedroom windows. Who wouldn't want to take up residence there?

Fairy-tale movies do that: not just tell a story, but offer temporary residence inside the story land. Give me a hot chocolate, a warm blanket and that movie, and even without pixie dust and the Lost Boys, I am so two steps closer to Neverland.

Moviemakers earn kudos for creating their own fantasyland in Tinker Bell. One look at that fairy world with its colorful sprites and buckets of pixie dust and your kids will want to jump inside. True, I would never dare compare Tinker Bell to its celebrated Disney Classics brethren (lest I be made to walk the plank), but the new film ably stands up to its Peter Pan pedigree. It's a fairy tale adventure. An escape. A fully-realized CG world of colorful backdrops and warm, fuzzy characters that's a pleasure to run off to with your kids. And, it's adorable. Even my teenager smiled -- now, that's a feat.

A spritely fairy whose attitude is in inverse proportion to her pixie size, Tinker Bell, it turns out, was always a bit of a rebel. Long before Peter Pan, she bucked tradition, angling to shed her designation as a Tinker Fairy (a kind of worker bee who builds stuff) to join the Nature Talent fairies and look out for humans on the Mainland. With lovely colors, a soothing Celtic soundtrack (accurately assessed by creators as "ethereal"), and, names like John Lasseter attached ... well, how can it miss? Maybe I'm just a big kid, but I love the idea of fairyland. Wouldn't it be nice to think that pixies were really looking out for us? I for one could get behind a cute little pixie who could engineer springtime, fix a music box, or repair the hard drive on my computer (that last one wasn't in the movie, but dare to dream).

But 78 minutes being transported into a thoroughly magical place?

Yeah, I'll take that, too.

Kids Will Like:
Tinker Bell starts out as a garden-variety fairy in a plain, white dress, and it's fun to see her transform into the Tinker Bell we know and love -- blond bun, green outfit and all. Clank and Bobble, two male "Tinkers" are kid-friendly comic relief. The whole backstory of how Tinker Bell got her name is a cute "a ha!" moment for little ones.

Parents Will Like:
Tinker Bell is a very sweet movie, the kind that makes for great cuddle time with the kids. It's primarily aimed at little ones, but there are some genuinely funny moments. It may be a straight-to-DVD release, but the quality is superb.

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