Sports Jokes for Kids

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Why was Cinderella thrown off the team?
Because she ran away from the ball!

What's the difference between a dog and a basketball player?
One drools, the other dribbles!

Why did coach let the elephant play basketball?
He had already broken the bench!

Why did the elephant start a stampede?
He wanted to play for the Chargers!

What do you do when you see an elephant with a basketball?
Get out of its way!

What does it mean when you see ten elephants are wearing pink shirts?
They’re all on the same team!

Why was Cinderella such a bad player?
Her coach was a pumpkin!

What kind of cats like to go bowling?
Alley cats!

Why are tennis games so loud?
Because the players always raise a racquet!

Why did the golfer always carry an extra pair of pants?
In case he got a hole in one!

What has 18 legs and catches flies?
A baseball team!

Why are basketball players such messy eaters?
Because they always dribble!

Why did the coach go to the bank?
Because he wanted to get his quarter back!

Why did the soccer ball quit the team?
It was tired of getting kicked around!

Why did the volleyball visit the bank?
It wanted to know its net worth!

Why did the basketball player stay home all weekend?
He didn’t want to get called out for travelling!

How did the baseball players stay cool?
They sat next to the fans!

Why did the basketball visit the bank?
Because all of its checks were bouncing!

Why did the golfer putt 527 times?
He didn’t want to hit and birdies!

Why can't you play sports on the savannah?
Because of the cheetahs!

Why did Tarzan spend so much time on the golf course?
To practice his swing!

Why did the golfers run away from the game?
They heard Tiger was in the lead!

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