37 Halloween Masks


Whether you're dressing up as a swashbuckling superhero or a rampaging monster, print these fun Halloween masks to match your kids' creative costumes!

Editors' Picks:
  • Frankenstein Mask

    Frankenstein Mask

    Average rating of 4.5/5. (6 Ratings)

    It took some time to piece together the original Frankenstein monster. Luckily, all you need is this printable and a popsicle stick.

  • Halloween Pirate Mask

    Halloween Pirate Mask

    Average rating of 0/5. (0 Ratings)

    Y'arr! Plunder your neighbor's candy supply with this pirate mask. Raise the anchor and go onto the next house - there be treats just ahead!

  • Princess Julia Mask

    Princess Julia Mask

    Average rating of 4.5/5. (2 Ratings)

    Give your little princess the royal treatment with this printable mask. You'll have a regal Halloween!

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