Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

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"X" marks the spot with this complete pirate birthday party for kids. Sail the Seven Seas with fun pirate party games, pirate party supplies, lost treasure and of course, lots of loot to take home!


For stress-free birthday party planning, order your pirate party supplies on-line. Then, add the party games and pirate activities provided below to complete your pirate birthday party. Build a complete party box or just use a few items to add a festive touch.


Send the invitations 2-3 weeks before the party.  Purchase matching invitations or make your own with card stock paper. Fashion a pretend treasure map to help to set the mood -- you may be able to find one on-line to print out. Attach a message to the map (example: Ahoy matey! "X" marks the spot where you'll find a fun birthday party!).

Birthday in a Box


The color scheme for this pirate party will be red and black. Use these colors for balloons, streamers and a tablecloth. Fashion a poster for the door that says "AHOY - WELCOME ABOARD!".  Or greet your guests with apersonalized pirate banner:

Transform your party room into a pirate's hide-out with pirate flags in various colors. If you're the creative type - paint brown boxes to resemble wood crates, add gold plastic beads and other "stolen treasure" to create the mood. Cover your table with a black table cloth and scatter gold chocolate (or plastic) coins and plastic jewels. Include a pirate chest pinata to the decorations and then use it as an activity later.

Life by the Sea

Add an inflatable shark and/or crocodile pool float toy. And if you really want to get creative hang some rope lines and rigging and place a few wood whiskey barrels in the party area.  As well, get your guests to create theirvery own pirate hatsfor the party.

A Pirate Welcome

Upon arrival bring the kids into the theme, by giving them a pirate patch, draw a beard with eye liner and tie a bandana around their heads or give them a pirate hat.

Pirate Party Games and Activities

Walk the Plank

Use a 2x4 board to make the plank. The children take turns walking across the board. When they get to the end they all get a chocolate coin or a small prize. Repeat as many times as you wish

"X" Marks the Spot

Play like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Before the party make a treasure map from poster board and mark an X for the location of the treasure. Also make a pirate flag (small squares of colored paper) for each child with a skull and crossbones on one side and double stick tape on the other. At game time cover the players eyes (one player at a time) with a pirate's bandana. Spin the player gently 2-3 times, then point him towards the map where he will attempt to find the treasure with his flag. The player with the flag closest to the treasure wins!

Treasure Toss

Before the party decorate a cardboard box to look like a wooden chest, or use a real chest if you have one. Leave the top off or open. Make or purchase five bean bags. This is a simple bean bag toss game where the children will take turns tossing the bean bags into the box from a pre-determined location.

Variations: For older children make Draw a map on a large box. Cut three large holes in the map/box and the children will attempt to get the bean bags into the holes. Just like a bean bags toss game at a carnival.

Pirate's Treasure Hunt

It wouldn't be a pirate party without the treasure! 

Before the party, purchase a treasure chest, or fashion your own, from a box. Use paper and paint to decorate. Remember that this box has "been under water" for quite some time, so it doesn't need to be beautiful. Fill the box with treasure; candy and small toys and then hide it in a secret location.

To play: Present a rolled up "old" treasure map to the Party Captain,  other wise known as the birthday child. This map contains the first clue.  For example,  "Don't walk the plank to meet your doom, the first clue's in the living room"--where they'll find the next clue etc. Leading finally to the LOOT!

Tip: Use an crumpled brown paper bag to make the notes. It's much easier than tea staining paper!

Pirate Birthday Party Favors and Craft Ideas

Sack o' Loot

Chocolate gold coins, mini telescopes, plastic jewels, candy and a toy parrot (beanie) all tied up in a black bandana or muslin cloth sack make for a wonderful gift bag.


Making telescopes with paper towel tubes, colored cellophane and a rubber band. Decorate with stickers, glitter and markers.

Pirate Sword Activity Kit

Your little pirates will enjoy adding jewels and glitter to black foam swords... This take-away craft will double as an activity and a party favor!

Make Pirate Flags

Pirates are identified by the flags their ship flies. For this activity the children will use craft foam, markers, glitter glue, and other art supplies to design their own flags.Before the party, cut the flag shapes from the foam, purchase a bucket of craft foam shapes and some quality craft glue.You may be able to find craft foam shapes with a sticky back - that would be easiest.

Pirate Party Food

Pirate Party Cake

Make your own pirate cake with a regular 9x13 sheet cake. Frost part of the cake blue for the sea. Sand is frosted light brown with toasted coconut on top. Stand "Play-Mobil" or Fisher- Price Pirate figures on top. Party supply stores will carry plastic palm trees and maybe a boat!

Red Ruby Punch

Little pirates will love the tasty jewels in this drink. The night before the party, fill ice trays with red fruit punch. Serve the red ruby ice in clear plastic cups with a lemon lime soda. 

Quiet Time

Read a pirate story to settle the children down before pick-up.


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