Enroll Now! Scare Up a Monsters University Party

From snacks to crafts, your guests will scream with delight when they see the bash you’ve created, inspired by your favorite pals from MU.

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  • Marionette Craft


    Marionette Craft

    Make a great party even better with this quick and fun crafty version of Oozma Kappa’s ultimate free spirit.

  • Hide & Go Shriek Crafts


    Hide & Go Shriek Crafts

    Use pom-poms and googly eyes to create cute, miniature versions of Mike and Sulley.

  • Soft Sulley Felt Craft


    Soft Sulley Felt Craft

    What’s behind the closet door? An adorable craft that doubles as a fun toy.

  • Monsters University Pennant


    Monsters University Pennant

    Add some “school spirit” to the festivities with this adorable pennant featuring the Monsters University logo.

  • Mike Wazowski Snack Pack


    Mike Wazowski Snack Pack

    All “eyes” will be on this fun and clever accessory each guest can use after the party is finished.

  • Terri and Terry Cupcakes


    Terri and Terry Cupcakes

    Two heads are better than one, especially when they are on delicious, sweet treats.

  • Bento Box


    Bento Box

    Using apples, cheese and assorted vegetables, it’s easy to prepare a party snack that’s adorably tasty.

  • Board Game


    Board Game

    Strike up a good-natured competition with this easy-to-make printable board game featuring Mike, Sulley and other favorite characters.

  • Activity Page


    Activity Page

    This creative coloring page and maze will add a fun twist to any Monsters University party.