Throw an Aladdin Party

Offer your guests “a whole new world” full of fun party games, snacks and crafts inspired by their favorite characters from Aladdin.

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  • Golden Goblet


    Golden Goblet

    Use recycled soda bottles and tissue paper to create goblets perfect for your Arabian bash.

  • Magic Carpet Coaster


    Magic Carpet Coaster

    Craft a colorful coaster that’s also a lot of fun. Your friends can bend and shape these mini magic carpets any way they wish.

  • Jeweled Headband


    Jeweled Headband

    Using felt and acrylic gems, it’s no-sew-easy to recreate Jasmine’s trademark look.

  • Abu Cupcakes


    Abu Cupcakes

    Your friends will go bananas for this adorable and edible version of Aladdin’s pet monkey.

  • Tiger Stripe Cookies


    Tiger Stripe Cookies

    What’s the sweet secret? Use flattened Tootsie Rolls to design Raja’s signature stripes.

  • Gold Sugar Cookie Coins


    Gold Sugar Cookie Coins

    Transform your party room into a Cave of Wonders with these gold-covered and delicious cookies.

  • Magical Transformation Game


    Magical Transformation Game

    Just like Genie your guests will love transforming into different shapes and creatures.

  • Aladdin

    Movie Time


    Join the Prince of Thieves on his adventures in Agrabah. Relive the comedy, adventure and romance with your partygoers.

  • Aladdin Playset


    Aladdin Playset

    When the movie is finished, recreate memorable scenes with this printable playset.