Throw an Outer Space Party

Here you'll find recipe ideas, crafts, games and everything under the sun you need to throw an outer space celebration of cosmic proportions.

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  • Invitations

    Outer Space Invitation

    Send your party guests dispatches from your galaxy to theirs with these printable invitations.

  • Rockin' Rocket Favors

    Party Favors

    Rockin' Rocket Favors

    Prep the kids for interplanetary travel with these party favors filled with sweets or other swag.

  • Toy Story Alien Bento Box

    Snack Ideas

    Toy Story Alien Bento Box

    Dazzle the kids with this out-of-this-world recipe inspired by "Toy Story," featuring crisp alien cucumbers as a centerpiece.

  • Space Cake


    Space Cake

    Send your guests' spirits soaring with this rocket-ship cake made with red and blue M&M's.

  • Rad Robot

    Space-Age Sweets

    Rad Robot

    Take me to your eaters! This edible android is ready to party!

  • Gorgeous Galaxy


    Gorgeous Galaxy

    Hang some planets and strings of twinkling stars before the party's launch, and you'll transform your home into a glowing space-scape.

  • Souped-up Saucers


    Souped-up Saucers

    Kids can make their own custom-decorated spacecraft, then challenge each other with this fun game.

  • Comet Toss


    Comet Toss

    Young space invaders will have a fun time making this comet and board, then playing an updated, cosmic version of darts.

  • Cosmic Crafts: The Trash Masters

    Cosmic Craft

    Cosmic Crafts: The Trash Masters

    Have the kids make a space station craft from recycled materials.