Tinkerbell Birthday Party

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Invitations: If you choose to make your invitations, consider printing out a map of Neverland, or drawing one free hand. Print "Come to Neverland and share the Magic of _____'s Birthday!" Add a sprinkle of glitter into the envelope before mailing.


The color scheme for this party is pink, purple and chartreuse.

Use a large amount of balloons and streamers. Cover your table with a matching table cloth or a pink sheet. Scatter pink, purple and chartreuse sequins all around the table. Run a long piece of pink or green nylon glitter netting (craft or fabric store) down the center.

Make a centerpiece with a weighted bouquet of balloons, inserted into a Tinkerbell Gift bag.

Cover the birthday girls' chair with nylon netting and ribbons.

Advanced Decoration Ideas: Turn you home into Neverland with butcher paper, poster paints, and fabric draped furniture. To save time, enlist an artistic teenager to paint the scenery: trees, flowers, Mermaid Lagoon, Captain Hook's Ship, etc.

Games and Activities

Upon arrival, adorn each guest with Tink's magic dust. Make the magic fairy dust before the party by mixing very fine polyester glitter and aloe-vera gel. Apply a small amount to the girls cheeks as the enter the party area.

Tinkerbell Tag
Play this game just like freeze tag. Give each player a small pouch of glitter before playing. One player will be "it". When you say "GO" the girls run from "it." When "it" tags a player, that player is frozen until another player sprinkles fairy dust on her. Make sure that each player has a turn to be "it" and that each round does not take too long.

Stick the Star on Tinker Bell's Wand
Oh no! Tink's magic wand is broken and the players must repair it! This game is played just like Pin-the-tail-on-the-Donkey. Before the party, use poster board to make the game board and cardstock to make stars. Draw a simple wand on the poster board, without the star on the end. Add some glitter and other decorations if you choose. Cut stars from your cardstock. Use double stick tape on one side of the stars and write the players names on the other side. Use a satin sash to blindfold the players, one at a time. Spin her gently three times and "steer" her in the correct direction to the game board. The player will try to stick the star near the tip of the wand. The players who's star is nearest ... wins!

Tip: Young players may not want to be blindfolded, so they can just close their eyes.

Tink" Takes the Lead
Directions: You will need one pair of Tinkerbell Fairy wings for this game. This is really just a game of "Follow the Leader". One player wears the wings while the rest of the players follow her every action in a single file line. Players will take turns leading as Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Arts and Crafts

Fairy Wand


  • small dowel pieces
  • silver spray paint (or paint)
  • scissors
  • craft foam
  • glitter glue
  • very thin ribbon
  • hot glue gun (ADULT USE ONLY)

Before the party, paint all of the dowel pieces with silver spray paint and cut stars from the craft foam. You may be able to find pre-cut stars at your craft store. At the party, the girls will decorate the stars with glitter glue. Attach the stars to the wands with the hot glue gun (ADULT USE ONLY). Then the girls can tie pieces of ribbon to their wands for extra ornamentation.

Tinkerbell Fairy Craft

This craft is best for parties of 6 children or smaller.


  • white coffee filters
  • green food coloring,
  • wooden craft clothes pins
  • fine tipped craft pens
  • yellow yarn
  • medicine droppers

Before the party, paint the clothes pins with white spray paint. create a work area for the children and cover it with newspaper. Flatten the coffee filters to make circles. Mix the green food coloring with water in a few bowls and set them out in the work area. At partytime, the children will use the medicine dropper to drop green color onto the coffee filters. It doesn't take very much, as the color will spread quickly.While the filters are drying. Help the girls cut small amounts of yellow yarn and glue it to the top of each clothespin to look like Tinkerbell's hair. Use the craft pens to make faces on the head of the clothes pins. When the coffe filters are dry scrunch each one up and insert it in the clothespin to make Tinker Bell's Wings.

To make this craft even easier, paint the clothes pins green before the party and use the white coffee filters without the green food coloring. This will make the body green and the wing's white.
Tip: You may want to make this craft with smaller clothes pins and use yarn to make a necklace.

Tinkerbell Birthday Cupcakes

Add food coloring to white cake batter to make light green or pink cupcakes. Frost with white frosting, and sprinkle "Pixie Dust" (colored sugar) on each cupcake. Insert a Tinker Bell cupcake pick into each cupcake.

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