How to Make Mini Rainbow Cupcakes

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How to Make Mini Rainbow Cupcakes
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Prep Time 30-45 minutes Cook Time 15 minutes

On every St. Patrick's Day, we're reminded about the pot of gold hidden at the end of every rainbow. So this year, I decided to offer a little treasure I found on Catch My Party -- a miniature, rainbow cupcake!

I love how the chewy texture and the "sour" rainbow taffy (which is actually just a little tart, and is more fruit roll than actual taffy) contrasts with the sweetness of the frosting and the light texture of the cupcake.

What you'll need

  • Rainbow taffy - look for "sour," multicolored "strips" or "belts"
  • One container of white frosting
  • Cake mix -- preferably white or light-colored (if you'd like rainbow-colored cakes)
  • Food coloring (optional; for different colors of cake or frosting)
  • Condiment cups (optional; you may use regular cupcake liners, if you prefer)
Helpful Tip:

Cupcake liners can save time on clean-up, and make them easy to serve, yet it can sometimes be a challenge to get the cupcake out of the liner easily, without breaking the cake. With miniature cupcakes and the heavier-duty condiment cups, it is especially important. Be careful not to over-cook the cupcake; if the cake isn't too dry, it will be easier to take out of the cup. You may also find that a spray of oil in each cup, and perhaps a sprinkling of flour, will help the cupcake come out more easily, too.

How to make it

  1. Prepare cake mix batter as directed.  

  2. If you'd like different colors of cake, divide up batter into separate bowls, and add a few drops of food coloring to make the colors of the rainbow -- red, orange (yellow + red), yellow, green (blue + yellow), blue, and purple (blue + red).

  3. Place condiment cups in a cupcake tray or on a cookie sheet.

  4. Fill each cup with batter about half-way.  One box of cake mix should fill (at least) 2 dozen condiment cups (depending on their actual size, which may vary).

  5. Allow mini cupcakes to cool, preferably on a cooling rack or other non-heated surface.

  6. If you like, divide some of the frosting into another bowl, and add a little blue food coloring to make "sky" blue frosting.

  7. Frost each cupcake with the sky-blue frosting, using a spatula, butter knife, or pastry bag.  

  8. mini rainbow cupcakes

    Using a pastry bag, and tip of your choice, add two puffs of white frosting for the "clouds" -- opposite each other, on each cupcake.  (Alternately, if you prefer, you can skip the sky-blue frosting and just add a puff of white frosting, as a cloud, on each cupcake).

  9. Using a knife or kitchen scissors, cut each strip of rainbow taffy/fruit roll into a suitable length, leaving room so each rainbow will loop into a semi-circle between each "cloud" of white frosting.

  10. Add a "rainbow" of the taffy to each cupcake, by sticking one end into the center of each puff of white frosting, and then bending the taffy to stick the other end into the other "cloud."

  11. miniature cupcakes with rainbows

    Serve & enjoy!

    Photo credit: Catch My Party.

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