17 Snowman Recipes


You don't have to go outside to build a snowman. Heck, you don't even have to live where it snows. With these fun and easy snowman-themed recipes, you can build a frosty friend in your kitchen. And the best part is that instead of waiting for him to melt, you can just eat him when you're done.

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  • Serve a Melted Frosty - Image Collection

    Serve a Melted Frosty

    Average rating of 3/5. (7 Ratings)

    These delicious, smiling sippers are simple to make.


  • Mickey Snowman Cookies

    Mickey Snowman Cookies

    Average rating of 4/5. (16 Ratings)

    This year, cap off your holiday baking with a whimsical wintery treat -- a batch of melt-in-your-mouth Mickey snowmen.


  • Doughnut Snowmen

    Doughnut Snowmen

    Average rating of 4/5. (18 Ratings)

    Whether you live in a Sun Belt state or a wintry clime, your kids can easily build their own mini versions of Frosty.


  • Smiling Snowman Cake

    Smiling Snowman Cake

    Average rating of 3.5/5. (21 Ratings)

    Creating this chocolate snowman cake is fun for the whole family. My daughters enjoyed watching the snowman's personality emerge as we decorated him with candy and fruit leather.


  • Toasty the Snowman

    Average rating of 0/5. (0 Ratings)

    This cute snowman on a stick can be roasted and decorated at the skating party, or eaten raw.


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