103 Winter Dinners


Cold weather outside calls for hot food inside. Whether you're in the mood for a meaty main course, a hot vegetable dish, or a simmering slow-cooker recipe, we've got the perfect comfort food for when the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall. And when you're all done, don't forget to top it off with a warm winter dessert.

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  • Turkey and Perfect Gravy

    20 Delicious Holiday Main Dishes and Sides

    Average rating of 3.5/5. (11 Ratings)

    Tired of making the same-old, same-old for all your holiday meals? This year, wow your friends and family with Alison Needham's delicious and inventive holiday recipes.


  • Pasta with Pesto and Green Beans

    20 Quick Pasta Dishes

    Average rating of 4/5. (10 Ratings)

    Pasta is satisfying, kid-friendly and easy to make. On a busy night, try these quick pasta recipes. They cook up in a flash with ingredients you're likely to have on hand.


  • Chicken and Biscuit Pie

    Wonderful Winter Dinners

    Average rating of 3.5/5. (21 Ratings)

    These hearty comfort food recipes will chase away your child's winter blues.


  • Potato Gatto

    Potato Gatto

    Average rating of 4.5/5. (5 Ratings)

    This casserole of potatoes mashed with mozzarella, prosciutto, and salami and baked until the cheese melts and the top is crusty and brown is great as a side with chicken or a roast or on its own with a green salad.


  • Ribollita

    Ribollita Soup

    Average rating of 0/5. (0 Ratings)

    Ribollita means to "boil twice" in Italian, and that's just what you do with this hearty vegetable soup: reboil it with slices of bread.


  • Sausage Ratatouille

    Sausage Ratatouille

    Average rating of 4.5/5. (10 Ratings)

    Add Italian sausage to classic French ratatouille for this hearty one-dish meal, a satisfying entree for cooler months.


  • Meatball Minestrone

    Meatball Minestrone

    1 unique take|
    Average rating of 3.5/5. (16 Ratings)

    Flavor-rich, make-ahead meatballs are the base for this quick and easy, flavor-rich soup.


  • Upside-down Pizza in a Pan - Image Collection

    Upside-down Pizza in a Pan

    Average rating of 5/5. (1 Rating)

    Here's a clever dish that turns a crowd-pleaser on its head. It's got all the fixings of a traditional deep-dish pie, such as cheese, pepperoni, and onions, but it's prepared with the crust on top, casserole-style, so it's easy to take and share.


  • lemon, caper and white bean pasta

    15 Dinners From Your Pantry

    Average rating of 3.5/5. (14 Ratings)

    Discover 15 simple recipes you can make with ingredients you have on hand.


  • Pasta with Five Cheeses

    Easy, Cheesy Casseroles Gallery

    Average rating of 3.5/5. (14 Ratings)

    Simple and comforting casserole recipes the whole family will love.


  • Slow-Cooker Chicken Tacos

    Classic Family Meals Gallery

    Average rating of 4/5. (10 Ratings)

    These delicious dinner recipes are sure to become instant family favorites.


  • Hurry-Up Black Bean Soup

    20 Meals in 20 Minutes

    Average rating of 4/5. (13 Ratings)

    Short on time? Make these easy and delicious dinner recipes in less time than it would take to order take-out.


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